"Amazon has over 1,000 Giveaway's every day... its time for you to start winning them"

Amazon Giveaway Bot FAQ'S

  • Our bot is a windows application. It runs on Win 7 and Win 10.
  • The Amazon Bot will pull down a list of giveaways and submit your entry.
  • Yes the software can handle the videos, it will wait the time and submit the request after the video.
  • The bot has a loop function if you want to constantly submit requests and constantly pull down new lists of giveaways.
  • Yes you can login to Amazon using the software, there is a login button.
  • The Amazon Giveaway Bot will run and you do not need to do anything. If you win something a link will be provided in the software. you paste the link into your browser to confirm you won the item with amazon.
  • Recently Amazon has added Captcha's to the giveaways, the bot automatically handles these captchas and submits them for you.
  • It costs a 1 time fee of 19.99 for the bot
  • You can immediately download the bot after purchase
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